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Contributions in conference proceedings

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  • with M. Loebl. Directed cycle double cover conjecture: fork graphs. ICGT, 2014.
  • with Y. Wakabayashi. On path-cycle decompositions of triangle-free graphs. ICGT, 2014.
  • with M. Loebl. Directed cycle double covers: hexagon graphs. EuroComb, 2013.
  • Small degeneracy of antiferromagnetic triangulations. LAGOS, 2013.
  • with M. Kiwi. Counting perfect matchings of cubic graphs in the geometric dual. LAGOS, 2011.
  • with A. Granada, M. Curé and L. Cidale. Bistability rotating radiation driven wind for B[e] Supergiants: the oblate finite cone angle correction factor. RevMexAA (Serie de Conferencias), 2010.

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